Nicaragua, January 20th – 26th, 2018; Trip Update 6

Orphan's HeartMission Trip Update, Nicaragua

Team: West Bradenton Baptist Church

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

Today was a bitter sweet day.  It is the last day of our trip and we had to say hello and goodbye to many friends, new and old.  We began our day at the Hogar Senile Senior home, we had a wonderful time introducing our friends to table bowling and balloon baseball.  We were able to see smiles we have never seen, and hear laughter that was as delightful as music.  The residents make it easy to love them.  They are so very sweet and honest.  We were able to break through the tough exterior of one of the residents today, in the past she would not talk with us, but today we were able to find out a little about her, and she was eager to share her testimony.  This was made possible because the year before one of our team members shared her testimony, and the resident recognized her, remembered her testimony, and then shared her own.  It was so heart warming, all of “our eyes were sweating” (To copy a phrase from a friend)!


Then it was off for a quick bite to fuel up, before heading to Bethel Baptist III Church to finish up our 4th day of VBS.  The kids learned that God made you, that God is always with you, God will always love you, and God made you for a reason.  WOW God!  We had a great time learning and teaching these truths.  The kids really enjoyed the crafts, bible lesson, and object lessons this week, but we surprised them with piñata’s for game time, and that was a big hit!  Today was also the day that we provide the backpacks and school supplies that everyone needs to attend school.  They also need school uniforms, there will be more on this in the future.  For now saying goodbye for another year was really, really hard.  So many of these kids seem to thrive the week we are here and then fade into the background.  We are praying that the Samuelito ministry continues to be blessed with the provision of volunteers, food and families for years to come.


This evening is drawing to a close, and the trip will be over tomorrow, but the memories will go on and on.  #leastoftheseoverseas #lovewestb