Guatemala, May 6th – 12th, 2017; Trip Update 2

Deanna BerkesGuatemala, Mission Trip Update

Team: UCF Alpha Xi Epsilon

Yesterday we had the privilege of attending “Sponsorship Day” here at the Center and I have never felt so blessed. Children who had previously been treated here and discharged come back with their families for a health checkup and in return receive a 40 pound bag of food and a flat of eggs.

Before the food was distributed, I felt God pushing me to take the initiative to pray over the food baskets. As a group of us joined hands, bowed our heads and blessed the food, God made his love and presence known. Each pound of food will be blessed and full of nourishment all thanks to Him.

As we passed out the food, the looks of gratitude on the faces of mothers, fathers and children were undeniable. We received hugs from children we never met, smiles on the faces of all present, and a true feeling of love and thankfulness in the air. Bags were unpacked, repacked and placed on heads as mothers with children in hand headed down the mountain with their blessings for their month.  It was a beautiful sight to see.

Like we do every night after dinner, we discussed the day’s events and our “wow” moments that left a lasting impression on our hearts that day. The overall consensus in the room that night was the fact that we are so extremely blessed. In the United States, we do not have as high a percentage of children children suffering from malnutrition. We don’t have to hike miles up and down hills to receive groceries. We have the opportunity to go to school until we are well into our adult lives. We are blessed.

God put each of us nine women on this trip for a reason. To be able to experience a third world culture is an eye-opening experience that we all needed.  As our trip comes to an end and we must say our goodbyes in the morning, we realize that we are all going home a changed person. These children have taught me love, happiness, gratefulness and so much more. They have so little and yet are happier than I am on my best days at home. Because of them, I can now hear God talking to me for the first time. Because of them, I am blessed.