Guatemala, March 11th – 17th, 2017; Trip Update

Deanna BerkesChild Sponsorship Matters, Guatemala, Mission Trip Update

It is hard to believe that we only have one more day with the children.  We have seen and learned so much since we have been here and it will be difficult to leave our new found Guatemalan family.  They are getting to know us too, and each morning we are greeted with big smiles and hugs from the children.  The first day we were given our assignments, Dana and I were thrilled to be able to work with the canaries.  They are full of energy and full of love and it is a joy to be able to experience life through their eyes.  Our days typically begin helping the nannies with the morning routine which includes plenty of diaper changes and playtime.  We are amazed by how attentive and nurturing the nannies are with the children and how everything is so efficient and organized.  The children play well together and help their caretakers and each other.  They receive nourishment throughout the day both in the hot, healthy meals that are provided and through the love, interaction and attention of those who work with them.  Upon deciding to join this mission trip, we expected to see children healing but were not expecting the healing and nourishment we would receive by serving them.  It is exciting to wake up at the crack of dawn each day knowing that we will be blessed by their joy.

Today was a special day in that we were able to meet many of the families served by the center.  Over 120 families received baskets of food to supplement their family needs through the month.  The children also received their monthly medical check up to insure they are progressing in their development.  It was impressive to see the grateful Mothers carry a 40 pound basket on their heads while carrying children on their backs.

Several members of our group made the decision today to continue their support of the children through sponsorship.  Each month their donation will provide food and supplies for the children and their families both while at the center and when they are able to return home.   Their commitment to the ongoing support of their sponsored children is what makes the baskets of food and medical care possible.  They were able to meet their sponsored child and will have the blessing of following them as they develop and grow.