Guatemala, July 8th-14th, 2017; Trip Update 3

Orphan's HeartGuatemala

Written by: Brianna

Dirty feet.

Tattered clothing.

Grateful hearts.

Hundreds of men, women, and children from near and far flooded the center for sponsorship day.  Last night through assembly line, we filled 160 sacks with beans, rice, oatmeal, eggs, and other staple foods for sponsored families. The families who came to the center today all have kiddos who at one time were malnourished and living in the center, but thanks to the work being done here, the kids are back at home with their families. Once a month these sponsored families come back to the center to get food, vitamins, and a check-up for their children to assure that they remain healthy. Individuals all over the U.S. sponsor kids so that they can not only get well, but stay well.

It is beautiful to be able to practically help so many families care for their kids. The wonderful thing is that through helping one child, you also help the entire family unit. The families are learning how to better care for ALL of their kids, which improves the overall quality of the family’s health. Just think of all the lives being impacted. I love how the impact endures, and how those at the center have a platform to educate such a large number of families.

It is humbling to see women and children sitting in the dirt outside the center, packing up their 15 – 20 lb. sacks, placing them on their heads and starting their trek down the hill. It makes our trips to the grocery store with shopping carts and an empty car waiting outside seem luxurious (to say the least). We are blessed. But you know what? So are these sponsored families. There is a good work being done here and today we got to be a small part of it.