Latvia is located in northern Europe and shares a border with Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and Russia. It has a population of approximately two million people and the capital city is Riga. Even though Latvia’s economy has grown over the last few years, there are many social and spiritual challenges that Latvia is facing. Some of the most notable challenges are alcohol and drug abuse, an increase in sex trafficking and one of the highest suicide rates in the world. Latvians struggle with spiritual apathy and the children and teenagers need to be reached for Christ before they fall into agnosticism and atheism that has become so prevalent in Europe.

Orphan’s Heart began new work in the country of Latvia in the summer of 2014. Through a partnership with a local government agency, Orphan’s Heart leads a summer camp for children ages 8-12 in a camp setting just outside the capital city of Riga. This outreach provides an opportunity to share Christ’s love with children who may have never experienced real love and care before. Summer camp activities include games, sports, field trips, crafts, music and much more.

Would you consider joining Orphan’s Heart in being the hands and feet of Christ by serving some of the most impoverished families in Latvia? For more information please contact us at or check out our calendar of upcoming trips.