Guatemala, October 14th – 20th, 2017; Trip Update 1

Deanna BerkesGuatemala, Mission News, Mission Trip Update

Our team this week is made up of people with many different skills and varied backgrounds, like most groups that travel with Orphan’s Heart. However, the thing that makes this team special is the degree of their commitment to returning and dedication to bringing the best care to our children. Florida Hospital has traveled with us for 8 consecutive years … Read More

Dominican Republic, September 30th – October 6th, 2017; Trip Update 2

Angela BurkettDominican Republic, Mission News

On our second full day of working in the Dominican Republic and amongst the people, we got to do some serious building! This morning we got to work alongside 15 very gracious local residents in beginning the construction of 4 homes. We worked side-by-side building walls, securing rebar and preparing for tomorrow’s concrete reinforcement. As we piled each block, it … Read More

Families Affected by Famine

Bryan BrownMission News

Virine, a 6-year-old girl who lives in Soroti, Uganda, once roamed the streets of her village after her mother and father passed away. Virine was parentless — a true orphan. She was left to wander and wait for love and care. Virine was eventually taken in by a loving family who welcomed her into their home and raised her as … Read More

Tiny Hands, BIG GOD

RJ WaltersGuatemala, Mission News

At 44 days old and weighing merely 3 pounds, Carlos Alexander was helpless when he arrived at the Malnutrition Center in San Juan, Sacatepéquez. After he was abandoned by his mother, the government placed Carlos at the center. He was struggling to eat, gain weight and sustain a sufficient body temperature. The Malnutrition Center successfully intervenes in the lives of … Read More

Romania Sponsorship Update

Kaysey GilbreathChild Sponsorship Matters, Mission News, Romania, Sponsorship Update

Our Romania sponsorship program continues to grow, with now more than 60 children receiving support from generous sponsors! Each month, our ministry partner in Romania delivers food bags to the sponsored children in the gypsy village and purchase items that the children in the orphanage and foster homes need. These items are chosen for each child based on their needs … Read More

Interns Turn Up the Heat

Bryan BrownMission News

Have you ever considered the difference between thermometers and thermostats? Thermometers reflect the temperature of their environment; they are a product of their settings. Thermostats, however, influence their space by setting the temperature. In today’s culture, too often individuals are found acting like thermometers. The cultural temperature is wayward and inauthentic, producing loads of thermometer-like persons. We need Christians to … Read More

Happiness Seven Years in the Making

Bryan BrownMission News

13-year-old Florin frequently approached a worker from one our ministry partners asking the question, “When am I going to be sponsored?” Florin lives in an orphanage and was anxious to receive sponsorship. Florin’s friends had child sponsors… so where was his sponsor, he wondered? Little did Florin know that his path would soon intersect with an Orphan’s Heart mission team. … Read More