Our mission is to provide Christ-centered services to meet the physical, spiritual, emotional and medical needs of children and families throughout the developing world.


Our vision is to answer God’s call to provide physical and spiritual aid to orphans and other children in need and to be recognized as the preferred partner for Christian child care services and management throughout the developing world.


Orphan’s Heart is passionate about continuing to help one more child. Through our  international child care impact, we are changing the lives of orphaned and disadvantaged children around the world. It’s simple, really: Love Changes Lives.

With respect to services rendered, Orphan’s Heart is committed to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as compliance with all applicable federal and state discrimination laws.


Orphan’s Heart is an international organization compassionately committed to helping children and families in developing countries. By rallying the support of domestic volunteers and partnering with local groups in the communities we serve, Orphan’s Heart is making a difference, a BIG difference. But we need your help. Will you join the cause and become a part of our mission to improve the lives of children in need of hope?