Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

This year, join Orphan’s Heart in the Dominican Republic and help change the lives of many hurting children and families in need.

With a population of around ten million people, there are currently over three and a half million individuals living in the Dominican Republic that fall below the national poverty line.  And although the country is seeing growth in many areas of the economy there is still a very large segment of society still in desperate need of spiritual, emotional, physical and medical assistance.

In an effort to help meet these pressing needs, Orphan’s Heart partnered with Iglesia Fundamento Biblico in Santo Domingo and is now working on a large scale, comprehensive community development project in Azua.  The project will include 100 homes, a multi-purpose community center and will be staffed by a full time Christian social worker to help community members with job, agricultural and life skills.

The homes for these families are constructed using Styrofoam block, a building method that produces a high-quality home that can withstand major earthquakes, and yet, is also environmentally and user-friendly for mission teams.  The cost of each home is approximately $10,000.

Orphan’s Heart needs construction, medical and ministry mission teams to join in this work!

  • Construction teams will have the opportunity to work alongside families who will live in these homes and be part of transforming their lives by helping provide a safe, secure place to live.  All levels of construction experience are needed!  A Dominican construction team and an Orphan’s Heart staff member will be on the work site to help mission teams with construction logistics.
  • The rural communities surrounding Azua suffer from an increased level of poverty and do not have access to many of the services and products we take for granted.  In addition to housing, one of the major needs is basic medical care.  Orphan’s Heart wishes to help address this need by brining medical mission teams to work in local churches in the neediest areas surrounding Azua.  Please contact Stephanie Shermeta for more information.
  • Orphan’s Heart is excited to partner with the First Lady, Candida Montilla de Medina, in helping address the many issues facing children in need throughout the Dominican Republic.  Ministry teams working with children will have the opportunity to work on these initiatives as well minister to children living in the poorest areas of Santo Domingo through the work of Iglesia Fundameto Biblico.

Would you consider joining Orphan’s Heart in being the hands and feet of Christ by helping serve some of the poorest communities in the Dominican Republic?  For more information please contact Stephanie Shermeta at or CLICK HERE  for our Calendar of Upcoming Trips to view trip dates.